Comp’s Underclassmen Athletics

  From playing together in the backyard to taking the field of a high school sporting event;  by my side are the same people I’ve played with since the youth days. All this time together has  positively impacted our chemistry on and off the field. I remember before I was in high school, I would go […]

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A Decline In The Comp Fan Culture

 This intensity, unity, and excitement the “Comp Crazies” had now seems like a very distant memory of the Comp gym. Over the years the culture and school spirit at Chicopee Comp has decreased severely from the time of those students who liked to be known as the Comp Crazies. It’s easy for one to observe […]

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The Story of Rory Murphy!

There is someone in this school that has a background that not many people know about. It makes her different from most and it’s something that you probably won’t realize until she tells you. You may walk past her a hundred times and not even guess she was adopted. Her name is Rory Murphy and […]

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A Track Star in the Making

A dream that once seemed far fetched is now slowly becoming a reality. Former Comp Colt, Devin Donahue was just a regular kid who used sports as an outlet and escape from his personal life. From working on his craft in his backyard, to competing at the University of Rhode Island on scholarship, Devin Donahue’s […]

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